Vision for Music

It is our aim to inspire children to develop; a love of listening to music, learning how to play musical instruments and to confidently perform in front of an audience. We are very lucky to have several members of staff who are well-trained music teachers and we are very fortunate to have a trained music specialist HLTA, Mr Ferwerda, who will be delivering some of our music lessons. We aim to create as many opportunities for the children of All Saints to develop and showcase their musical talents through high quality music curriculum lessons and individual music tuition. Through our weekly singing collective worships, we aim to provide children with high quality live music experiences as well as singing together as a choir. All the staff are determined to bring our curriculum to life through the use of topic-linked music sessions where children apply knowledge learned through other subject into their music lessons.

What's new?
This year we were once again part of Young Voices, held at Resorts World, Birmingham.  This was another fantastic event and we were thrilled to take many children to the performance. 
We are thrilled to be able to offer 1:1 music tuition through an external company "Music Academy for Schools", who offer instrumental tuition of trumpet, violin, piano and flute, among others. We are also pleased to welcome back RockSteady Music School to All Saints, who offer children the opportunity to learn to play as part of a rock band and put on termly concerts for the rest of the school. 
Details on how to sign up for either of these are available on this page. Not only is learning an instrument lots of fun, it also builds confidence, resilience and inspires a life-long love of learning and playing music!

Our school is now the proud owners of an electric and acoustic drum kit, as well as 8 brand new keyboards for our children to enjoy learning how to rock a beat.

At All Saints we integrate music technology into our curriculum through the use of Garageband. This app has enabled children to explore a wide range of instruments and effects from around the world to create compositions. Examples have included children creating space-themed soundtracks and their own versions of the Tudor song, Greensleeves.

Music Tuition
Are you interested in having music tuition for your child? Please speak to Mrs Watkins or Mr Coleman for details regarding instruments, cost and timings. Our provision is provided by external providers.
For 1:1 tuition - Music Academy for Schools
For small group band tuition - Rocksteady Music School 
Subject Priorities

1)    Live music - This year, we are aiming to further enrich our music curriculum by exposing the children to high-quality live music. We will be having some musicians coming into school to perform concerts, as well as partnering with Leicestershire Music Hub to appreciate (and perform!) live music in the local community. This will inspire our students to improve their own music skills and enhance their love of music. 

2)    Small group music tuition - This year, we will be promoting small group and 1:1 music tuition in order to give ALL pupils access to learning an instrument. Not only will this encourage independence and confidence, learning an instrument has been proven to have a host of transferable skills including, but not limited to, memory, concentration, reading and counting skills.

3)    Wider opportunities – as our musical skills develop we would like our talents to be shared with our local community. We will be performing at local concerts, churches, hospitals, school events and even at larger events such as Young Voices.

  • Mrs Watkins

    Music Lead

    Hi everyone!
    I am Mrs Watkins, Kangaroos' class teacher and I have the pleasure of being Music Lead at All Saints. I love to sing and I am proud to run the All Saints' choir. I think music is such an important part of the curriculum and I try to slip in different songs and pieces of music wherever I can. I also strongly believe in the calming effect classical music has on concentration and focus so you will often hear it in my classroom! If you have any questions about Music at All Saints, please do not hesitate to contact me via the school office.

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