Vision for Art

At All Saints Primary School art is an essential part of the primary curriculum. We believe that art stimulates creativity, imagination and inventiveness. We aim to give children a wide variety of high quality art experiences, through drawing, painting, printing, college and sculpture that engage and challenge our pupils.



What's New?

Art is taught from a bespoke, sequenced and progressive medium term plan, each class will start with researching and critiquing an artist, practicing techniques, creating their own artwork in the style of that artist and then evaluating their artwork. Staff also have an updated version of the Art Skills handbook, which they can reference and use to develop their own knowledge and understanding of the Art curriculum. 



Subject Priorities:


Allowing opportunities for children to develop their own style of Art-

A new curriculum map will be taught throughout the year, allowing children to experience different styles, techniques and mediums. Each half term a different artist will be studied linking into the half termly topic. In the Summer 2 topic, which is all about the local area the children will be given the opportunity to develop their own style of art. 


To enhance Art opportunities further for children and creating a sense of enjoyment-

There will be a big focus on giving the children freedom and opportunities to become more creative and follow their artistic flare. A lunch time space and equipment will be provided for children to practice their art skills. There will also be an art field trip to Bradgate Park, where the children will focus on Andy Goldsworthy style of artwork and take part in different outside art activities.


Teaching of Art-

A new curriculum map will be provided for all teaching staff to use and reference when teaching Art lessons. This guides teachers through a chronological order of Art lessons, starting from critiquing an artist, practicing specific skills, creating their own artwork in the style of that artist and then evaluating their artwork. The Art Skills Handbook is updated and will be provided for all members of staff to reference and practice their own skills and knowledge. There will also be drop in sessions for support staff with a focus on developing their own knowledge and confidence in Art.

  • Miss S Harris-Watkins

    Hi everyone!
    I am Miss Harris-Watkins and I am a Year 5 teacher at All Saints. I also have the pleasure of leading the subject of Art. If you have any questions about our Art Curriculum then please contact the school via telephone, email or come and speak to me directly

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