Vision for History

At All Saints we aim to create a rich Historical Curriculum, emphasising on the exciting Local History that surrounds us. All children here enjoy learning about their local Heritage and what makes the school, and Coalville unique. We aim to explore key eras and events, which has helped to shape our societies today, by seeking answers and questioning evidence.


 What's New

We are working with our Local Historic Heritage leader in order to make our Local History exciting and relevant to the children in our school. From this we have access to past censuses, local maps and photos from the 1900s. We have exciting links with Snibston Discovery Park, and their exciting new ventures of a museum. In each topic we will be studying a Historical figure or monument and how they have influenced us today. Each class has a time line that will be updated as we go through each topic. It will include our historical figures and monuments, time periods and important people we learn through the curriculum


Subject Priorities
1) Local History - To continue to embed the Local History of Coalville, and to incorporate practical local history e.g. walks, local community visitors. This will enable our children to feel proud and understand the fantastic history of where they live. 
2) Time line - To ensure each class has a history time line on display, to update during each topic to add the historical figures, monuments and eras across the curriculum. 
3) Historical Figures/Monuments - To continue to ensure historical figures/monuments are taught per topic to increase child’s historical knowledge and understanding of Britain’s and the wider worlds past. 
  • Miss Harcourt

    History Lead

    Hi Everyone!
    I'm Miss Harcourt and I am a year 3 teacher at All Saints. I have the pleasure of leading the subject of History. I really enjoy History and love finding out interesting information.

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