Curriculum Overview

Our Curriculum Ethos

At All Saints C of E Primary School, we have developed our own personalised thematic curriculum, All Saints Journeys of Discovery.  This follows guidance set out by the DfE in the National Curriculum 2014 and is tailored and adapted to suit the children and staff of All Saints.

In developing our approach, it was important that our curriculum design provides inspirational learning experiences for all our pupils.  Our thematic curriculum is varied, practical and based on real-life experience and current events; we ensure that children are at the heart of shaping their own learning. This approach is reflected in our Curriculum Aims that are highlighted in the document below.


At primary school age, we believe that children benefit from an integrated theme-based approach, focused on the development of key skills and our curriculum reflects this ethos.  Engagement activities bring learning to life at the start of the theme and pupils engage in a variety of knowledge and skill-based tasks to develop their understanding of key concepts and themes.


Our thematic curriculum ensures that all learning is aspirational and subjects are interwoven through a range of linked projects.  We build pupils’ expertise across all subjects, enhanced by the involvement of practicing experts in their fields, such as, scientists, authors, artists and athletes.


This means that learning at All Saints C of E is meaningful, engaging practical and fun! 

Whole School Approach

Our curriculum is a unified whole school approach as each half term all classes work under the umbrella of a main theme. Examples of themes we will cover are:


Nose in a Book, Seconds from Disaster, Step Back in Time, Adventure Time and Don’t forget your passport for… and much more,


Over the course of the year, we have a range of subject-based themes to reflect all key curriculum areas, for instance, English (Nose in a Book) and Science (Seconds from Disaster). Within the whole school theme, each year group pair focus in-depth on a particular topic at an appropriate and challenging level for their Key Stage.


Teachers plan schemes of work across the curriculum to link with the theme title using their expertise as subject leaders and teachers. Long-term and medium-term plans have been developed by staff to suit the needs of our pupils, whilst also learning about our local area where possible.  These projects provide inspiring, exciting and motivating learning activities that link across subject areas.  


Journeys of Discovery Curriculum

This is the CURRICULUM that children will experience at All Saints. Through inventive, creative and inspirational teaching. We want every child to develop an understanding of the big ideas which shape the world through the subject curricula. 

Each subject domain has a carefully planned out and structured method of ensuring children develop the knowledge they need to understand the world. Ours is a developmental, thematic CURRICULUM that provides every child with the opportunity to LET THEIR LIGHT SHINE!


A Cycle of Improvement

At the end of each half term, pupils and teachers evaluate the success of the theme and discuss improvements that could be made for future cycles. Knowledge and skills are assessed daily and learning evaluated to ensure all skills across the curriculum are comprehensively covered. The following year discussions around new themes will take place to either improve learning or to ensure learning is fresh and innovative.


Coalville – Local Community Links

During the final four weeks of each academic year, the whole school will focus on area of Coalville’s geography and/or history in a topic entitled ‘Hometown Glory’ We aim to teach our children about the town they reside in. These units will include visitors from the local area, trips, surveys and much more.


If you would like to find out more about All Saints Journeys of Discovery Curriculum, please contact Mr Coleman, Deputy Headteacher through the school office. Tel: 01530 832608 Email: