Year 3 and 4 End of Topic Showcase

11th October 2018

On Thursday 11th October Years 3 and 4 held their end of topic showcase where they invited their parents to share all their learning from the 'Scavengers and Settlers' topic.  The children sang a Stone Age version of 'We Will Rock you' to open the afternoon, then shared the Stone Age flatbreads they had prepared with their parents. These were made from authentic ingredients and were served with a range of accompaniment such as stewed apple, honey, berries, herbs and seeds.

After the food tasting the children were challenged to work with their parents to create a pair of stone age shoes. There were some very interesting designs, using hay for insulation and various ways of fastening them.

The children modelled their creations and dojos were awarded to all entrants.  After sharing their Stone Age Kennings poems and showing the fossils they created to their adults, everyone took part in a Who wants to be a Millionaire Stone Age quiz.  A fun and interesting afternoon for everyone!