Vision for Reading
At All Saints we strive to get children reading for pleasure. We aim to do this through a rigorous and sequential approach to the reading curriculum, which develops pupils' fluency and word recognition, ensures they gain an understanding of what they read and introduces them to a high number of quality-rich and enjoyable texts. This is done through our 'Reach for the Stars' reading approach from EYFS, through our Phonics and Early Reading approach, to Upper Key Stage 2, with our dedicated approach to reading. We ensure that reading is a focus area in the school, from the time the children arrive, for Breakfast with a Book, to the time that they leave with enjoyable class stories.
What's New?
As a school we have invested heavily in new, exciting and enjoyable books for the children. Every child is now closely matched to a reading book at any appropriate phonics phase. Higher up the school, children are now supported with a book group that is correct for them. From September, we implemented a new Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 reading plan, focused on key reading skills, including retrieval, interpretation and vocabulary; comprehension and enjoyment. In EYFS, we have introduced our own phonics resource to support the teaching of Letters and Sounds, created by Assistant Headteacher and English/Key Stage 1 Lead Mr Horton and EYFS/Phonics Lead Miss Clark, and illustrated by LSA Miss Yates-Smith. This has been made to support phonics and early reading, with the intention of rolling it out to the whole of Key Stage 1 in the next academic year.
Subject Priorities
1)     To ensure that children are closely to books based on their phonic knowledge, allowing them to be well supported and make rapid progress.
2)     To ensure that children are explicitly taught key reading skills, such as decoding, segmenting and blending through phonics, and retrieval, interpretation and vocabulary through our school-wide reading plan.
3)     To ensure that children are introduced to a range of high quality texts, making reading enjoyable and encouraging them to read for pleasure.
  • Mr Horton

    Assistant Headteacher

    Hi everybody, my name is Mr Horton and I have the pleasure of leading the subject of English at All Saints. I am very passionate about reading and its importance in order for children to be able to learn effectively. It's such a vital skill, which we aim to teach effectively, to allow the children to embark on their journeys of discovery.

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Find our Phonics and Early Reading tab for what reading looks like in EYFS and KS1, and access stories at home, read by staff at All Saints, through our Sharing a Story page.