Physical Education

Vision for Physical Education
All children regularly enjoying being active and learning through high quality Physical Education, School Sport and Physical Activity.

At All Saints, we are strongly committed to the delivery of High Quality Physical Education and recognise the contribution this makes to the health and well-being of every child. We ensure that all pupils receive a minimum of two hours of high-quality curriculum Physical Education per week. We have achieved the Sainsbury's Gold Sports mark, three years in a row in recognition of our commitment.

What’s New?

We will be providing daily activities at lunchtime for children run by our sport and physical activity leaders. Every child already has their own skipping rope and we are introducing a skipping leader programme and a range of awards the children can achieve and be rewarded for by the lunchtime activity co-ordinators. We continue to develop our Physical Education equipment and now have new gym mats and additional rugby balls, footballs, and netballs so every child has a ball each in every lesson.

Subject Priorities

1) Consistency and quality of teaching -
ensuring that all teachers demonstrate excellent subject knowledge and have consistently high standards and expectations. In the autumn term all teachers will follow a list of non-negotiables:
- All teachers, support staff and every child to be dressed in appropriate kit.
- Carefully planned lessons will ensure every child makes progress and is as active as possible.
- Lessons objectives and learning intentions are shared in the classroom and reviewed in the classroom after the lesson.
- All support staff fully involved in every lesson.

2) Wider opportunities - extra-curricular activities are offered at lunchtime and after school for all children. Every child will have the opportunity to take part in intra and inter school competition and represent the school every year in either sport or physical activity outside of school. We are members of the North West Leicestershire School Sport Partnership and the Coalville Collaborative which provide a range of competitions for our children.

3) Developing a sustainable pathway - providing children with opportunities to take part in sport and physical activity outside of school is a key part of our role. We regularly signpost children to clubs and activities outside of school and welcome clubs and coaches into school to lead activities and provide details of local events and competitions.

  • Mr T Coleman

    Physical Education Lead

    Hi everyone!
    I am Mr Coleman and I am a year six teacher at All Saints. I also have the pleasure of leading the subject of Physical Education. If you have any questions about our Physical Education Curriculum then please contact the school via telephone, email or come and speak to me directly.

Useful Links

Community Sports Clubs

We have a wide range of links with local community sports clubs, which we signpost to our children to provide sustainable pathways into sport and physical activity.

Active8 Scheme

The Active8 scheme makes activities more accessible for young people in the community. At All Saints children receive weekly points during term time based on the price of a Junior Swim Session e.g. 28 points (£2.80).

NW Leicestershire School Sport Partnership

The North West Leicestershire School Sport Partnership supports with our development of high quality Physical Education, School Sport and Physical Activity for all our children.

Leicestershire and Rutland Sport

Leicestershire and Rutland Sport is our Active Partnerships Team (formally known as a County Sports Partnership, CSP) for physical activity and sport across Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland.

The Association for Physical Education

We follow the latest guidance from the Association for Physical Education (AfPE) ‘Safe Practice: in Physical Education, School Sport and Physical Activity’ July 2020.

Physical Education and Sport Premium

Full details of how we spend and the impact of our Physical Education and Sport Premium funding.