Vision for Science

At All Saints Primary School, we recognise the importance of science in every aspect of daily life. As one of the core subjects taught in Primary Schools, we want our children to be naturally curious about the world around them. By giving children the skills to question their surroundings and how we are all affected by our environment, we can develop our children into scientific thinkers.


What's New?

We believe that scientific investigation is one of the most powerful ways to learn; developing curiosity and perseverance as well as challenging what we know about the world. We aim to make science as practical as possible, linking it to real life contexts and our half termly topics. 


Subject Priorities

A Focus on investigations-

Ensuring more scientific investigations are taking place in classrooms. New medium term plans will be linking specific scientific investigations to each half termly topic. As well as new investigation performa's showcasing progression through the year groups.


Coverage of science topics-

New medium term plans ensuring all subject knowledge gaps are covered in each year group through on going half termly investigations. These investigations will be displayed in each classroom.


Teaching Science-

Ensuring all staff are confident and have correct subject knowledge to teach scientific investigations. Also making sure there is the correct amount of equipment accessible in school.

  • Miss S Harris-Watkins

    Hi everyone!
    We are Miss Harris-Watkins and Miss Harcourt and we have the pleasure of leading the subject of Science. If you have any questions about our Science Curriculum then please contact the school via telephone, email or come and speak to me directly.