Penguins and Meerkats

Spring 2 - Burps, bottoms and bile!
Week 1 - Teeth
Topic and English lessons
Meerkat maths Thursday
Work through as much of the powerpoint as you can and you can reveal the answers at the end of each page.
Week 2 - Healthy Eating
Topic and English lessons
Optional topic lessons week 1
Also check out PE and French with Mrs G (there is a link on the homelearning tab for both).
Optional topic lessons week 2
Keep a weekly food diary, look at which food group each part of the meal belongs to.
Can you design/plan a healthy balanced meal?
Look at the supermarket or in your kitchen cupboard and look at where around the world your food comes from, a world map is attached to print out.  Can you find each country on the world map?
I have attached a video about food miles and a lesson powerpoint too.
On Wednesday, you will be designing your healthy snack.  Can you make, taste and evaluate your snack?
On Thursday, you are advertising your new healthy snack.  Can you make packaging for it?
Healthy eating comprehension - questions attached in both English and French!
Spring 1 - Greek myths
Home learning
The Legend of the Trojan Horse
In this activity you will learn about the story of the Trojan Horse. 
Equipment you will need to complete this activity:
- pencil
- paper
-crayons/ felt tips
Week 2
Science Experiment
'Why did Icarus fall from the sky?'
For this lesson you will need:
colouring crayons
ice cubes
Pandora's box myth art activity
In this lesson we will look at the Greek story of Pandora's box and after hearing it I would like you to create a picture to represent the story.
Equipment you will need:
Week 3- Art
This week is an art activity. You will need:
-colouring crayons
In this lesson you can take a tour of the British Museum and design you own Greek vase.
Ancient Greece history lessons 1 and 2 from Oak Academy
In this lesson you will look at where Greece is on a map.  You will then learn about how ancient Greece was organised into different city states, each of them with their own set of rules and customs.  Lesson 2 moves onto look at the role of archaeologists and looks at the influence the Greeks had on the Romans.
For this lesson you will need:
Paper and a pen or pencil and a ruler.
Jot down any notes that you would like to make and complete the activities as you go through the lesson.
Week 4 
Ancient Olympics and Modern Olympics
For this lesson you will need:
colouring crayons
English Week 6
The Hindu story of Rama and Sita
Monday - 2 videos to watch
Be able to retell the story and answer questions
Tuesday - powerpoint
Draw a story board with 8 pictures to retell the story
Learn all about the battle of Marathon.  
You will need:
Pen or pencil, colouring pencils and paper
Week 5 English resources - Meerkats - pre-recorded lessons
Monday = grammar lesson- expanded noun phrases
Meerkats - English for Wednesday
Penguins - English for Thursday
Design your own Greek God
Meerkats English lesson for Thursday 
Penguins lesson for Friday
Shared writing - how to include your writing targets to describe the appearance of your Greek God
Religious Education Our year 3 and 4 topic
What is it like to be a Hindu in Britain today?
We will learn about Hindu beliefs and Gods and look at Dharma, Karma and Moksha.
Lesson 1 = Hindu Beliefs and we meet Simran and Vraj  
Lesson 2 = Dharma, Karma and Moksha
Lesson 3 = Hindu Gods
Also look at Oak Academy lesson 1, which gives a great introduction to the Hindu religion.