More Outdoor Learning

26th April 2018
Some of our Year 1 pupils spent a super afternoon in the sunny weather doing some great activities in the nature area. After listening to the story of a tree through the seasons the children 'met a tree' whilst wearing a blindfold. Their partner led them away from the tree and then they had to see if they could find their tree. Most of them were very good at using their sense of touch to locate their tree.  After playing several games the children then made Noughts and Crosses games out of natural materials and held a Noughts and crosses tournament. Everyone enjoyed their outdoor learning!
During Outdoor Learning, some of the year 1 and 2 children were taught how to safely use hammers. They worked with partners hammering nails into wood in a pattern. Next week they will wind wool around the nails to create a design. The whole group listening carefully to the safety talk and then sensibly carried out the task. Well done!